Leady Technology is the maker of green battery cells. Our battery can be used, for example, in the following applications: Renew Energy Storage: Solar, wind, heat, etc. UPS: Portable Power Supply Power Engine: e-vehicle, e-motorcycle, e-bike, e-car, etc. Communication: base-station, wireless system Startup Ignition: car, boat, train, truck, motorcycle, etc. Power Tool: lawn mower, vacuum cleaner, etc. Others: lighting, fire system, medical equipments, etc. We offer services to customize our products to suit your needs. Our technology is patented in the US Patent Office. Mainly it has the following features: Long cycle life, about twice as VRLA Fast and deep discharging capability High speed charging, 80% charged within 30 minutes Cost effective, price comparable to typical VRLA Wide operating temperature range, from -40 degrees celsius to 60 degrees celsius Vibration resistant Extremely low self discharge Low internal resistance (compare with VRLA) High energy density (compare with VRLA)