The main objects of our company are R&D, production and application of LED related products. We have a reliable research team to develop, design and integrate products, and can provide customer request orders made in their demand, OEM, ODM.

Our products consists of LED subtitle machines, ,garden lamps, lamp posts, grass lights, outdoor wall lamps, street lights, ground lights, underwater lights, ceiling lamps, ceiling projecter lamps, chandeliers & pendant lights、night lamps, desk lamps, wall lights, rail lights, LED lights lighten constructions, LED lights planning application, scenery lights,... etc, by using the advantages LED in various colors, miniaturize, energy saving, low thermal, longevity, and quick reactions, and use them as targets of brightening the living and enrichening life.

To actively develop renewable energy and promote it, our company not only have LED related light devices integrated with solar energy, but also apply 100% gel batteries in using batteries to make use of greater volume and longer life span characteristics of gel batteries, so that green energy can be extended to its greatest, to conserve the lasting conservation of earth and be responsible for how a world citizen should be.

services: LED,燈,室內.外照明,立迪,leady,battery,solar,省電

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